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When preparing your files to send for printing, we prefer PNG, JPG or PDF files.

You must upload each page as a separate file.

PNG/JPG: When submitting image files such as PNG or JPEG make sure your resolution is set to 300 dpi (dots per inch) and your image size matches the size to be printed. Avoid using downloaded images from the internet or a website, as they are likely a low resolution and will not reproduce well. We recommend downloading images from a royalty free stock photography website.

Creating a PDF
It’s easy to create a high-quality pdf file. Use one of the following methods:

  1. Go to File > Save As.
  2. In the file format box, select Adobe PDF. By default, your PDF should be saved at high quality (at least 300 dpi) but if a dialog box opens before saving, double-check the quality settings.


  1. Go to File > Export.
  2. In the file format box, select Adobe PDF.
  3. Check the quality settings as above.

Bleed & No Bleed:
Bleed: Files that have text, images, or colors that run of the trim edge of your final printed piece must be submitted with an extra 1/8” (.125) border all around. This extra extension of your graphics is called a bleed. A bleed is necessary because it is impossible for a cutting blade to hit the exact same location on every page when cutting printed sheets in a stack. 

No Bleed: If you do not want a bleed on your document, it should be submitted with at least a 1/8” (.125) white border all around.

Please select the next largest size of paper to accommodate the bleed request.